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January 8, 2009

Forefront SharePoint Virus upload Test

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From one of the recent project I was giving task to document what user experience would look like, when users upload the “effected document” to one of the websites within share point, MOSS after forefront security installation. I must be honest I don’t have much deep dive with SharePoint, but Installation forefront security for share point was very straight forward and easy. I am including MS best practices link in this article. Simulation of user experience ahead of time was fun and I used hand from close body Pushpendu Biswas. MOSS master (- : I could not have done it easily without him, so thanks a bunch to Push again as always.

Here are the notes and hope helps someone out there.

I have full document posted here

If you prefer the Doc copy of it, please e-mail me with your preferred e-mail address I will be more than happy to e-mail it back.

Forefront SharePoint

  • Install Forefront security to all MOSS servers in the environment, it needs to be installed all of them
  • Follow MS best practices, link included on the bottom of this article.
  • Verify that antivirus has been configured in MOSS:
  • In Central Administration navigate to Operations
  • In the Security Configuration section select Antivirus
  • Make sure that Scan documents on upload and Scan documents on download are checked


  • Open your notepad and copy and paste this and save it as “Virus_Test.txt”
  • Open your MOS and go to any site
  • Click on shared documents
  • Click Upload, browse to same file, click open and ok to upload it to the site
  • You will receive below warning
 Virus Found

“SMTP25.org_Virus_Test.txt” contains the following virus: “VIRUS= EICAR_test_file (VBuster,Kaspersky5,AhnLab,Microsoft,Sophos); Tagged ID: B08F17DD_DF65_4B87_9364_B0EF1CF11205” .

This file cannot be saved to the document library. If you want to save this file to the document library, clean the file using alternative virus scanning software and try saving it again.

Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.

Here is Virus file, Copy and paste this into notepad and save it on the local hard drive (MOSS)
This Virus file to be uploaded into one of the sites to test the Forefront functionality.



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