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January 21, 2009

How to Reset Virtual Directories Exchange 2007

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For a good reason you have decided to rested OWA virtual directory in exchange 2007 here are the steps to accomplish the goal. Accomplishing same task in Exchange 2003 was more complicated in my opinion. You will find doing this on Exchange 2007 is pretty simple task.

Log into Exchange 2007 server Open EMS (Management Shell)

This will show you virtual directories on the CAS server called VMCAS1; change this to your CAS server name

CAS Server name: VMCAS01 (in this example)

  • Log into Exchange 2007 Server
  • Open EMS ( shell)
  • Type >>>>>>>Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server VMCAS1 ( Change the CAS server name to your own)

    This command will list the virtual directories for the VMCAS1 server

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server VMCAS1


You can also type below command to see all servers and available directories




Okay we will delete the, OWA virtual directory so goahed type the fallowing PS command into EMS as fallows

  • >>>>Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -identity “VMCAS1\owa (default web site)”
  • Are you sure you want to perform this action? Press “Y” as in yes.

Pic 2


Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -identity “VMCAS1\owa (default web site)”


  • Click Start
  • Run
  • InetMGR

Open IIS and verify the OWA directory is gone

Pic 3


You can also issue same PS command as fallows

  • >>>>Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server VMCAS1

Pic 4

Now we will put the OWA directories back to the same server

  • >>>>New-OwaVirtualDirectory -Name “VMCAS1\owa (default web site)”


New-OwaVirtualDirectory -Name “VMCAS1\owa (default web site)”


Pic 5

Type again to see the OWA directories are created

  • >>>>Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server VMCAS1

Pic 6


Oz ozugurlu

Oz ozugurlu MVP (Exchange)



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  1. hi,

    just curious, will this affect the SSL certificates?


    Comment by danny — January 17, 2010 @ 1:44 am | Reply

    • Exchange certs in 07 is a pain. The cert process is wonderful in Exc 2010 and real easy to deal with. I believe if you blow the Virtual directories you will need to re-install the certs if you start fresh with IIS directories


      Comment by telnet25 — January 17, 2010 @ 3:39 am | Reply

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