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February 17, 2010

This mailbox database contains one or more mailboxes or arbitration mailboxes…..

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Problem: Trying to remove first Database on Exchange 2010 Server.


As you can see Exchange is complaining about existing mailboxes on the DB, hence it is not letting us to remove the DB.

Lets see what are these mailboxes in this database…..

Get-Mailbox -Database MB1


As you can see the CMDLET is returning no mailbox at all, so why exchange is complaining about?

there is no mailbox in this database, yet removing it wont work Exchange is complaining about “arbitration mailboxes” obviously these mailboxes are hidden and either GUI or command line is not showing them to you and making you pull your hairs (-:

What are these “arbitration mailboxes” ?

Arbitration mailbox   The arbitration mailbox is used to store the original message that’s awaiting approval. By default, one arbitration mailbox is created for moderated transport during setup. It’s used for all moderated recipients. You can add additional arbitration mailboxes for load balancing purposes. If you’re using multiple arbitration mailboxes, you need to specify which mailbox to use for each moderated recipient

  • Okay how do I see them?

Get-Mailbox -Database mb1 -Arbitration | ft -wrap –auto


  • How do I get rid of them?
  • we will move them to another DB, so to see what DB we have



  • Move them

New-MoveRequest -Identity "SystemMailbox{1f05a927-5e2d-4fa3-814b-c8329f9f64a5}" -TargetDatabase M5DB1





  • Now we need to see the Move Request, What we are looking for is “Complete”
Get-MoveRequest -SourceDatabase MB1


  • Get more Detailed information
Get-MoveRequest | FL


  • Clear the Move Request

Remove-MoveRequest "SystemMailbox{e0dc1c29-89c3-4034-b678-e6c29d823ed9}"

Or use GUI (-:


  • Now Let’s try to delete the DB once more




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