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May 3, 2015

Exchange 2016 and Future

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Ignite is going alive real soon less than 17hr as I write this blog. Those of you who are attending will be getting tons of rich content and meet with Exchange 2016 at ignite.

What we should expect from the new release of Exchange 2016. As you might have already noticed from  the IT evolving business, the push for cloud world is increasing each year and one way or other many businesses are moving into cloud space. At the least hybrid configuration is fairly common among agencies.

Few highlights provided by MS Exchange team,

To highlight a few examples:

  • A new approach to document collaboration that makes it easy to send links and collaborate without versioning issues of attachments
  • Faster and more intelligent search, to help users quickly find what they need in their mailboxes and calendars
  • Significant improvements to eDiscovery search performance and reliability
  • Better extensibility, including new REST-based APIs for Mail, Calendar, and Contacts that simplify web and mobile development

If we consider how much Microsoft has invested to Cloud and its surrounding technologies and infrastructure , it is very easy to predict or make educated guess that only online version of most major applications will continue to grow and get better, while on premises versions might not offer all of the futures.

The changes are inevitable , adapting these changes for IT Pros will occur one way or other. On premises version of  major applications might be lacking from future development unless the businesses start investing their own infrastructure to support these application and their managed environment.Of course all these are assumptions with what I have been seeing over few years.

I will come back and update this article especially with improvement related to Exchange 2016 on premises and some of the Office 365 highlights. Office 365 has evolved over the years and now it is providing supper reasonable solid messaging platform to many businesses. Extending Office 365 to Government and its related agencies seems to be also expending, although Government agencies are very slow to adapt these IT changes.


Advantage of office 365 are pretty obvious. The new future releases with office 365 very easy to adopt in general, less to manage, less to worry.

Looking forward for ignite news for Exchange 2016 both on premises and Office 365 platforms.

Oz Casey, Dedeal  ( MVP North America)
MCSE 2003, M+, S+, MCDST
Security+, Project +, Server + (Blog) (Blog)




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